Yayoi Kusama FAQs: What to Know Before Investing

Yayoi Kusama FAQs: What to Know Before Investing

With her distinctive style and global recognition, investing in Kusama’s artworks can be an exciting venture. In this FAQ, we will address questions investor have before adding a Kusama to their collection, including the value and potential appreciation of her works, where to buy genuine Kusama artworks, and the best practices for smaller budgets.

Who is Yayoi Kusama?

Yayoi Kusama is a the most well known Japanese contemporary artist. She is recognized for her unique use of polka dots, mirrors, and repetitive patterns, often exploring themes of infinity and psychological spaces in her artwork.

Why should I consider investing in Yayoi Kusama’s artwork?

Yayoi is one of the most recognizable and celebrated contemporary artists in the world, and will likely go down as ‘one of the greats’. I wouldn’t be surprised if her popularity remains in 50 years from now, much like Picasso’s popularity today.

How do I invest in Yayoi Kusama’s artwork?

Unless you can afford US$30,000+ for a print edition, investing is mostly limited to online platforms like Masterworks, Public, and Yieldstreet.

Are there any specific artworks by Yayoi Kusama that are particularly sought after by collectors?

Yes, certain artworks by Yayoi Kusama are highly sought after by collectors, including her Infinity net and polka dot paintings, and her Pumpkin sculptures and prints.

How can I determine the authenticity of Yayoi Kusama’s artwork?

Yayoi Kusama has a team dedicated to authenticated original and editioned works. Otherwise, you can rely on the expertise and due diligence of reputable galleries and platforms like Masterworks that typically spend weeks confirming the authenticity if an artworks before purchasing.

How can I sell my Yayoi Kusama artworks in the future if I decide to?

Yes, most auction houses and high-end galleries will clamor to sell a Kusama work on your behalf because Kusama’s artwork can be resold with relative ease.

Are there any entry-level options for investors with a smaller budget?

Most investment grade Kusama artworks will star at around $10,000 to $20,000. anything lower and you are perhaps not buying genuine artworks with proven providence and provenance. If you are limited on budget, Masterworks and Yieldstreet offer fractional shares in million dollar examples of Kusama’s art started from about US$20 per share.

Should I invest in Yayoi Kusama’s prints or original artworks?

Both prints and original artworks by Yayoi Kusama are fine investments, but prints are usually more affordable, making them a more accessible entry point for collectors. Original artworks, on the other hand, tend to be out of the budget of your everyday investor unless you invest via Masterworks or Yieldstreet.

Can investing in Yayoi Kusama’s artwork be a long-term investment strategy?

Yes, I suspect that Yayoi Kusama’s popularity will endure for many decades to come, so holding onto an artwork for 10 years or more should be sound.

Check out Masterworks, Public, and Yieldstreet and explore Art Funds that let you purchase shares in million-dollar paintings from blue chip artists like Banksy, Kaws, and Yayoi Kusama.

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