Why Only Accredited Investors Can Sign Up to Yieldstreet?


You may have come across Yieldstreet when searching for an alternative asset platform. They have a few well-performing funds for real estate, private markets, and corporate debt. But, if you are like me, you are more likely interested in their art funds.

Unfortunately, you may have also discovered that Yieldstreet (mostly) only accept Accredited Investors as clients. Accredited investors are those with a certain level of income or wealth. The threshold is set at 200K annual income (300K for couples), or 1 million in assets (excluding the value of your home). Essentially, by only accepting accredited investors as clients, Yieldstreet ensures that its funds are only available to those who are best equipped to assess the related positive and negative risks.

While it may seem restrictive, this approach aims to safeguard investors and maintain a level of financial responsibility, which makes Yieldstreet a reliable option for those who meet the accredited investor criteria.

But what if you are not an accredited investor? What options do you have?

If you are interested in investing in an art fund, you can reach out to Yieldstreet via the link below. Yieldstreet has been known to accept investors who fall outside of the accredited investor threshold on occasion. Whether you eventually qualify will depend on a few factors including how much you are looking to invest, so have an open and frank conversation with someone on their team. Alternatively, you have the option to invest in art via Masterworks or Public, in a way that mimics an art fund, and with smaller deposit requirements.

If you have any further questions about investing in art funds, like that offered by Masterworks, Public, or Yieldstreet, please reach out to mark@easelinvesting.com, and we would be happy to set you on the right path. Additionally, you can learn more about Art ETFs here.