Why Does Masterworks Require a Phone Interview?

If you want to invest with Masterworks, you’ll have to undergo a 15 minute phone call with one of their financial advisors. It is sometimes described as an “interview”. However, it is a rather painless experience, and would be better described as a conversation, rather than an interview.

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The phone call is required so that Masterworks can comply with its regulatory obligations. The company has a duty to ensure that you are fully informed about the positive and negative risks of investing in Blue chip art.

The conversation also provides an opportunity for both parties to communicate directly, ask questions, and address any concerns. Basically, it is a trust building exercise and allows Masterworks to better understand your investment goals at the same time.

What to Expect:

The call is brief, and the time is used for three things:

  • The first is to introduce you to the Masterworks platform. The financial advisor will also let you know how Masterworks acquires and registers its Blue chip artwork with the SEC.
  • The second is to gain an understanding of your unique investing style (conservative, balanced, or aggressive).
  • And the third is to highlight the artworks that are available and are appropriate for your investing style.
Booking a phone call with Masterworks during the sign up process

How to Prepare:

As with any matter that involves investing, it is a good idea to prepare for your phone call so that you are not solely reacting in the moment. The following are helpful tips for you to prepare and think about before your scheduled call:

  • Decide how much of your net worth you are looking to devote to Blue Chip artworks. Will it be 10%?, 15%?, 20%?, etc.
  • Review the currently available artworks and note which ones you prefer. But, be open minded about the suggestions from the financial advisor. (You can view the currently available artworks via the Masterworks Portal or via the email that the advisor will send you once you book a call). It is important to read the ‘Investment Thesis’ that is attached to each artwork. This will provide you greater insight into the artist and why Masterworks chose to acquire this specific artwork.
  • Set an alarm to go off 5 minutes before your scheduled call. Before the call, get in front of a computer so that you can view the currently available artworks as they are discussed with the financial advisor.
Masterworks Portal showing currently available artworks

So, that is why Masterworks requires a phone interview. I hope I have described how painless the process is accurately!

If you have any further questions about investing in art funds, like that offered by Masterworks or Yieldstreet, please reach out to mark@easelinvesting.com, and we would be happy to set you on the right path. Additionally, you can learn more about Art ETFs here.

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