10 Investable Artists To Watch In 2022

Every year, Easel Investing promotes 10 artists to watch, who we believe should be on the radar of every art investor/ collector.

In 2022, we are interested in showcasing very old artists. We have restricted the artists on this list to those over 80 years of age. Additionally, we hold a bias toward female artists, as we think the scope for growth with women artists is greater than their male counterparts.

So, without further ado, here are the Easel Investing’s 10 investable artists to watch in 2022:

Yayoi Kusama

93 years old


artists to watch
Yayoi Kusama, Cosmic Nature – Dancing Pumpkin, 2020

The record holder for the highest-selling work by a living woman artist, the Japanese icon Yayoi Kusama, has been an investor darling for the better part of a decade. Kusama’s prices have exploded in line with her popularity as the art world quickly reassessed their appreciation of her work.

With many counterfeits, open edition prints, and museum gift-shop collectables (and even cheaper nick-knacks like key rings, socks, and magnets), collecting Kusama can require a decent chunk of time to sift through all the garbage. But, when you do find that gem, it may well be worth it.

Jo Baer

92 years old


artists to watch
Jo Baer, Primary Light Group: Red, Green, Blue, 1964-65 (pictured next to Donald Judd, Untitled (Stack))

Jo Baer was a seminal figure in 1960’s New York Minimalism. Still, her artistic practice has evolved with the times, and at the ripe age of 92, Baer is still producing interesting paintings and prints.

Baer is represented by some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, including Pace Gallery. Yet, her works can still be picked up for relatively inexpensive prices, particularly her prints. It could be said that she is currently undervalued compared to her compatriots at Pace Gallery.

David Hockney

84 years old

10 artists https://www.flickr.com/photos/dwhartwig/24528878007/

artists to watch
David Hockney, Interior with Blue Terrace and Garden, 2017

The extremely collector-friendly David Hockney turns 85 years old in July. Hockney is a British icon who has enjoyed half a century of popularity. His ‘style’ has morphed several times, yet his artwork remains highly recognizable by the general public and highly coveted by art collectors.

Even while editioned prints of his can sell for tens of thousands of pounds/dollars, the proliferation of his work means that bargains can be found if you know where to look.

Gerhard Richter

90 years old


artists to watch
Gerhard Richter at the Fondation Louis Vuitton Martin Argyroglo, 2014

Gerhard Richter places multiple times in the top ten for living artists’ most expensive works of art. But, considering the age of this German master, these top-ten positions may pass on to another artist very soon.

Richter is not incredibly prolific, so his artworks can be hard to come across. But he is definitely still an artist to watch. I would recommend looking at some of his posters for beginner art collectors, some of which can be rare and still relatively inexpensive.

Judith Bernstein

79 years old


artists to watch
Judith Bernstein, Birth of the Universe #2 (detail), 2013

Judith Bernstein will be 80 years old in October 2022, so I have included this pioneering artist on this list. For those unacquainted with Bernstein’s work, be prepared for images of genitalia and other feminist motifs. But, the subtly of these motifs varies, so a range of choices is always present for art collectors of differing ilk.

Although it may be hard to classify Bernstein as Blue-Chip, she is very much established with exhibitions in important institutions and in great company with the galleries representing her (including Kasmin gallery).

Judy Chicago

82 years old


artists to watch
Judy Chicago: A Retrospective, at de Young Museum, San Francisco, California

At the age of 82, the iconic Judy Chicago is still incredibly in-demand from major museums and institutions wanting to exhibit her past and current bodies of work.

Luckily for beginner investors, Chicago produces all kind of art art for sale, with many at low price points. Of particular note in this regard are the derivation she makes of the plates from her The Dinner Party series from 1979. While I’ve never been a fan of display plates, I would recommend you take a look at these remarkable plates she produces. They might just change your mind about display plates also.

Faith Ringgold

91 years old


artists to watch
Faith Ringgold, Die, 1967

Faith Ringgold’s editions can still be acquired suprisingly cheaply, considering her prominent (and growing) global status.

What I like about Ringgold’s editions, which sets them apart from almost all other artists on this list, is that she incorporates or prints directly on a mix of media. I think this choice makes the artwork more unique and potentially more valuable in the future.

Frank Stella

86 years old


artists to watch
Frank Stella, Ctesiphon I, 1968

Frank Stella’s collectability is, in my opinion, only going to improve over the next decade. Stella’s work can be prohibitively expensive for younger collectors, even his prints, which sell for tens of thousands of US dollars.

However, a few of his exhibition posters (some signed) are floating around the market for reasonable prices. Luckily, in terms of artistic appeal, his prints, particularly from his early career, translate well to the poster format. This is a bonus for those who cannot afford the tens of thousands required for an original or print of Stella’s.

Alex Katz

92 years old


artists to watch
Alex Katz, Jessica Smiles (detail), 1993–94

Alex Katz’s art may never go out of style entirely. There will always be a place for his flat planed, but euphorically moody paintings and sculptures.

I like to think of Katz as the American David Hockney. Luckily, due to great demand and the healthy supply, a great number of Katz’s artwork can be found for sale. For one, Artsy currently has more than 1,000 artworks listed.

Richard Serra

82 years old


artists to watch
Richard Serra, The Matter of Time, 1994-2005

While primarily known for his immense public sculptures, Richard Serra has also dabbled in the production of prints. These prints may become the gem in an art collector’s collection.

Serra’s prints reliably reference his affinity for industrial production techniques. While the prints are not altogether pretty, they are available, and for prices that are surprisingly low for one of the most well-known artists in the world.


Paul McCarthy

76 years old


artists to watch
Paul McCarthy in botanic gardens Utrecht, 2009

While Paul McCarthy is firmly in the camp of Blue-Chip artists, the topics and imagery he employs mean that more conservative art investors can shun his work.

But with a turning tide, McCarthy’s work can be taken on by a new audience that isn’t squeamish or bashful. Thus, this turning tide may raise McCarthy’s status and sale prices. McCarthy is younger than the 80-year-old cut-off to make our list, so think of his comparative youthfulness as an opportunity to get in before he completes another half-decade.

Carmen Herrera

Passed away February 2022, aged 106


artists to watch
Carmen Herrera, Untitled, 1952

Carmen Herrera is perhaps the most elusive artist on this list. Her art can be tough to come by as she was not been kind enough to grace us with many prints or editions; therefore, her work can be rather pricey.

However, I’m sure some of our wealthier readers might appreciate the heady combination of Herrera’s recent passing and being one of the most celebrated female artists in the world (but with room to grow in popularity).