Investing In 2024 Venice Biennale Artists

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One of the most attended art events in the world, the Venice Biennale, has found its 2024 edition’s curator in Adriano Pedrosa. And now that the event has its curator, it might be a good time to start exploring the artists that have been selected/ or the artists that could potentially be selected to exhibit in one of the events ~30 pavilions and numerous other satellite spaces. The Venice Biennale is probably the world’s most prestigious art exhibition and can provide a huge boost to the profile (and prices) of the artists who participate. 

Charles Ray, 2009, Boy with Frog (detail), 53rd Venice Biennale

The next iteration opens in April 2024. So far, only three countries have selected their participating artists, but far more artists are likely to be named very shortly as exhibiting at the Venice Biennale requires months of preparation.

The artists that we so far know, include:

Another important event that investors might like to watch is the 2023 New York Outsider Art Fair (March 2-5). Although the artists participating are outside the typical machinations of the art world, their outsider status can actually be a desirable characteristic, with many ‘outsider artists’ becoming collector favourites. The advantage of pursuing outsider artists over those participating in the Venice Biennale is they will typically command a much lower price. However, outsider artists may not be at the stage in their career where they can offer cheap editioned works, so acquiring originals might be the only option for a collector.

I would recommend every would-be investor check out the list of galleries that will participate in the Outsider Art Fair. Personally, I am partial to some of the work from American Primitive, and Shelter NYC, although, perhaps more for their looks over their investment potential as the risk profile can be quite high for these artists.

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