Introducing The ‘Artwork Watchlist’

Art Market Update

We are proud to introduce Easel Investing’s Artwork Watchlist to our readers. In this newly created section, you can browse a selection of artworks that we have on our Watchlist or have recently acquired. Our Watchlist exhibits specific artworks from Blue-Chip, Established, and Emerging artists which we believe are ‘investable’ and that fit our particular risk profile. Your risk profile should be considered every time you consider adding new artwork to your portfolio. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable taking on each artwork’s positive (and negative) risks.

Gerhard Richter, Untitled Abstract Picture, 2002, Limited edition of 3,433, US$700

The number of artworks included in our Watchlist will increase over time to showcase a more comprehensive array of artworks to appeal to a greater range of collectors. The list will be updated when unique pieces are sold or editioned works sell out.

The first iteration of our Watch-List contains artworks from David Hockney, Faith Ringgold, Gerhard Richter, Mika Rottenburg, Nick Cave, Judy Chicago, Maria A. Guzmán, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, and Yuli Yamagata, with prices ranging from US$215 to US$5,000.

Visit our Watchlist now to see if any of the artworks are of interest to you!

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