How to See Artworks on Masterworks Before Becoming a Member?

Before signing up to Masterworks, you may want to learn what artworks they have available for investment. This is a natural desire.

There is typically 3 to 5 new artworks added to Masterworks every month. It is from this selection that new members have the option to invest. You will be able to view these 3 to 5 artworks after you have submitted your application to become a member, but before you are accepted as a member.

If you are interested to learn what artworks are available on Masterworks without signing up, you can email and we will respond with the current list of artworks that are open for investment.

How to See Artworks on Masterworks 1
Examples of available investments on Masterworks

You Must Skip the Waiting List

Bear in mind, when submitting your application to become a member, you will have to indicate that you are willing to invest more than $2,000 (preferably $5,000+) to Skip the Waiting List. If you get stuck on the waiting list, you will not be able to view the currently available investments.

Read the Investment Thesis

Once you have successfully applied, you will see that each available artwork is accompanied by an ‘Investment Thesis’, as well as the Initial Offering Price, its SEC Offering Circular, and an indication of the number of shares left for acquisition via a progress bar. The Investment Thesis is an invaluable resource that will help you decide into which artworks you should invest.

How to See Artworks on Masterworks
Examples of Investment Thesis on Masterworks

Booking the Masterworks Phone Call

During your application process, you will be asked to book a phone call with a Masterworks financial advisor. The advisor will talk to you about these 3 to 5 artworks and how to best diversify your portfolio with your initial investment. Read our article on what to expect from the Masterworks phone interview if this is something that concerns you.

Masterworks Secondary Marketplace

After you have completed your initial investments in any of the 3 to 5 newly acquired artworks, you will then be permitted to browse the Masterworks Secondary Marketplace. Here you can view all available shares in artworks that were previously listed on the platform, but which are being offered for sale by other members.

If you have any further questions about investing in art funds, like that offered by Masterworks or Yieldstreet, please reach out to, and we would be happy to set you on the right path. Additionally, you can learn more about Art ETFs here.