How to Invest in KAWS the Right Way

Before diving into the world of KAWS collecting, it’s important to consider a few key factors. In this article, we will discuss four crucial considerations you should keep in mind before deciding to invest in KAWS.

Here is how to invest in KAWS the right way:

1. Understand Market Trends for KAWS

Like any investment, it is essential to delve into the specific market dynamics and trends that pertain to KAWS artwork. You can conduct research on both current and historical auction records, gallery exhibitions, and art fairs to gain insights into the demand and value of KAWS pieces.

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Resources such as Artsy and Mutual Art are great resources for sales data. While reading publications like Art News or The Art Newspaper will help you ground your research in a broader context of the art market.

2. Authenticity and Provenance

When investing in KAWS artwork, authenticity is extremely important. Due to his popularity, counterfeit pieces may surface in the market from time to time. Ensure that the KAWS artwork you’re considering to invest in comes with proper authentication and documentation.

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You could try to verify the provenance, (which traces the ownership history of the artwork) to establish its legitimacy by yourself, or you could simply purchase from reputable businesses that would have already performed their due diligence. Galleries whose reputations are on the line or art fund operators like Masterworks and Yieldstreet are going to be the most trustworthy in this respect.

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3. Rarity and Edition Size

The scarcity of a KAWS artwork can significantly impact its value. Limited edition pieces often hold greater allure and tend to appreciate more quickly. Smaller edition sizes are generally more desirable for collectors and investors, thereby potentially increasing the artwork’s long-term value.

Limited KAWS bronze editions

Before committing to a work, research the edition size of the artwork and try to avoid open edition works as these offer little investment value for serious collectors but still have a high investment cost (around US$1,000).

Open edition KAWS sculptures

4. Long-Term Investment Potential

Investing in KAWS artwork requires a long-term perspective. While the artist’s popularity has soared, it’s essential to evaluate the potential for sustained demand and value growth.

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Pirovino KAWS Collection

Consider factors such as the development of their body of work and their impact on contemporary art. Moreover, assess each artwork’s relevance and appeal beyond current trends, as enduring pieces, or particular types of artwork (e.g., a KAWS unique painting) tend to retain or increase in value over time better than others.

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