Can You get Discount when Investing in Masterworks?

Masterworks Discount

Buying in Blue Chip art can already be incredibly affordable when investing with Masterworks, but who doesn’t like a discount? So in this article, I want to lay out the step-by-step process to help you secure a masterworks discount on the share prices for their Blue Chip paintings.

How you secure a Masterworks discount:

Step 1

Visit using the following link:

Step 2

When signing up to become a member, you should indicate that you wish to invest more than US$15,000. The more money you are willing to invest, the higher the likelihood that you can access the discounted prices.

Step 3

During the last step of the sign up process, you have to take a quick 15 minute phone call with a Masterworks’ financial advisor.

During the phone call, ask about the package deals that they can offer you. If you have indicated that you are willing to invest more than US$15,000 (again, the higher the better), the Masterworks’ advisors can share some unadvertised packaged deals which include discounts on the share prices for their paintings.

Step 4

With the unadvertised packaged deals, there is still more room to negotiate additional discounts. For example, Masterwork might have an artwork whose shares are almost sold out, and to close out the artwork they could offer you a heavier share price discount. Investing US$50,000+ would really give you some bargaining power in this regard.

If you have any further questions about investing in art funds like Masterworks or Yieldstreet, please reach out to, and we would be happy to set you on the right path.