Want a Discount on Art? Time to talk to an Art Consultant!

If you use an art consultant to source and buy an artwork for your collection, you will save a lot of money. In turn, you will also maximize its investment potential, because purchasing an artwork at its lowest possible price sets its base for which any gain is measured.

There are two important reasons why consultants can get you a lower price then what you can get yourself.

#1. Negotiating Leverage

Art consultants have more negotiating power because they are consistently purchasing artworks from galleries on behalf of their many clients. If a gallery knows that they will generate more sales in the future from the consultant if they drop their asking prices a little more than normal, then they will make that sacrifice. A consultant will play up this aspect of the relationship to secure the best possible price for their client too.

#2. The Network Effect

An art consultant have a huge list of personal contacts at galleries that they can call upon to find the lowest possible price for an artwork, many of which might not even be advertising the artwork in question. This will also open the opportunity for consultants to have galleries compete for their business, dropping prices further, and securing the best deal for the client.

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