How Much Does it Cost to Invest with Masterworks?

How Much Does Masterworks Cost?

Masterworks is completely free except for a yearly 1.5% maintenance fee that is used to pay for the storage and insurance of the artworks. Providing climate controlled storage is important for these assets to ensure they are in perfect condition when it comes time to sell them on for a profit.

Bear in mind, the maintenance fee is only charged when Masterworks actually sell the artworks you have invested in. Therefore, your capital is left in one piece as your investments are appreciating in value.

All other features of Masterworks are free, including their secondary market that allows you to sell your shares early or acquire more shares from other members. All other transactions, deposits, and withdrawals from the platform are fee-free.

How to get a Discount?

Despite the modest fees, you might still be interested in more money-saving measures with Masterworks

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